I’m doing pretty good at taking care of my unfinished business these days as I’ve got to check off another drama from my currently watching list.

Ex-girlfriend Club (Courtesy of tvN)

I’ve seen the first episode of this series quite some time ago and deemed it not that interesting. I only find the urge to continue watching the succeeding episodes after a work colleague said it’s one of his all-time favorite Korean dramas. I was like, “Okay, let’s give it another chance to charm me.”

The series revolves around Kim Soo Jin, who works as the main PD of Jung In Films. After their president left the company as it is on its way to bankruptcy, Soo Jin take over and dedicated herself into producing a movie based on a popular webtoon. If she can make this film successful, she might be able to bring the company back to its old glorious days.

Kim Soo Jin

But the road won’t be an easy one. The author of the webtoon turned to be by Bang Myeong Soo, a person from Soo Jin’s past. The webtoon features his three ex-girlfriends comically depicted as a cat, a lion and a fox. His ex-girlfriends came to know the plan and the riot begins as they opposed the movie to materialize.

The Three Ex-girlfriends (left) and Soo Jin and Myeong Soo (right)

It took me a while to finish the series, a looong while considering it has only 12 episodes. Yet I can finish same length Jdoramas in one sitting. It’s just that I don’t find anything interesting ’bout this drama, at all. I was really trying my best to make sense of the storyline for the first half of the series. Thankfully, things started to shape up when Director Jo came to spotlight. Jang Hwa Young and her fiancé’s story keep me hanging on as well. I just can’t believe I had to watch a lot of crap before seeing the drama having a direction, at the very least.

Ex-girlfriend Club’s Gang

After finishing the series, I still can’t pinpoint out the message it wants to convey to its viewers. It’s a rom-com drama and it is indeed funny but it lacks all the heart. I don’t know. Maybe Korean dramas is still way behind Japanese/Taiwanese series in terms of depicting everyday life encounters artistically. Is that why they need all those makjang stuffs, to at least avoid ending up like Ex-girlfriend Club? >.<

I don’t recommend this series especially if you’re not a fan of any of the leads. It will bore the hell out of you.

Yes, I admit. I was fooled. For one second, I was like “Wait. What?! Is this a saeguk?!”

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