Yay! I’m so happy for them. The flower couple, Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) and Go Hye Mi (Suzy Bae) from Dream High, have just won the best couple last KBS Drama Awards (2011).
I’m glad that another favorite love team of mine got that title. The first one was the BiDeok tandem (Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil) from Queen Seon Doek who won the same title, gathering more than 80% of votes at the MBC Drama Awards 2010. I think I’m great in choosing the couple to support for. Haha…
Well, come to think of it, there are similarities. Bi Dam and Sam Dong aren’t their girls’ first love. They also both don’t appear at the very beginning of the series. Even though Sam Dong’s face was showed for a few seconds in Episode 1, it was Episode 3 when he first utter his words. And Bi Dam made his first appearance in Episode 21 (Queen Seon Deok has a total of 62 episodes). At first, maybe you’ll think that they’re not the main male protagonists but they will surely make you wish that they are. And you’ll jump out of happiness the moment you know that they truly are. Well, literally not, but I can’t deny my happiness when Hye Mi realized she loves Sam Dong, same as when Deok Man admitted that she has feelings for Bi Dam.

Anyway, going back to the flower couple, Kim Soo Hyun also sang Dreaming at the awards night. When I first saw this video, I was wondering why he didn’t put his hands at his diaphragm which he usually do when he sings, even when Sam Dong sings. The moment he went down stage, I thought he was going to bring Suzy upstage like what Kim Hyun Joong did at Mnet Asian Music Awards. But I was wrong. He gave her a bouquet of flowers, officially claiming their title – Flower Couple. So that was it. His hand was holding the flowers he was trying to hide at his back. But Soo Hyun, I noticed something. Why is it the flowers you gave to Suzy seemed to match the one on the tables? Is that bouquet really from you? Anyway, I don’t care. I’m contented to see you giving that to Suzy.

Soo Hyun giving flowers to Suzy
Near the end of the song, Kim Soo Hyun made a little mistake. I actually don’t know what happened, but I think he forgot the lyrics and he couldn’t hear it from the earphones he was wearing. Anyway, fans didn’t mind it, so do I. For them that is a cute mistake. Maybe because Soo Hyun was trying not to burst out of laughter but he can’t prevent himself from smiling which fans find really cute. At the end of the song, Suzy and Teacher Shi (don’t know her real name) seemed to be so proud of Soo Hyun. They were like “It’s okay. We’re proud of you. You’re great.”
The flower couple also won the Best New Actor and Actress Awards. While Soo Hyun was recieving his award, Suzy was cheering and so glad. Haha..

Best Couple (KBS Drama Awards 2011 )
Finally, the two came up the stage together to received the Best Couple Award. Suzy was the only one who had the chance to speak. She said that even if she herself (as Suzy) will have to choose between Sam Dong and Jin Kuk, she will still choose Sam Dong. And that painted a smile on Soo Hyun’s face. Haha… Suzy always choose Soo Hyun, poor Taecyeon.
Here’s a video dedicated to HyunZy (not SamMi, ’cause I think I already posted one). Yeah, it’s a collection of Soo Hyun and Suzy’s moments taken in real life not Sam Dong and Hye Mi’s in Dream High. Enjoy!

Did I post so many gifs and videos that it makes you dizzy already? Well, sorry for that. It’s just a proof that I do love this love team. 😀

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