Official K-pendant Necklace by The Kiss
Last month, I ordered an imitation of the K-pendant Necklace in Dream High in an online shop here in the Philippines. It’s just a replica and not an official Dream High K-pendant necklace. My mom will surely nag me if she learned that I’m going to buy the original one which is quite expensive around $148.00 (Php 6, 500.00) though I really want it badly. The original one was made by The Kiss, a famous jewelry shop in Korea and Japan. I think it’s available on ebay and other sites. Just check it out if you want to buy the official, licensed version of this necklace.

I bought it in Kawaii Juu Online Shop for Php 250.00 with Php 90.00 shipping fee via JRS Express. I just got it last Wednesday. Well, about the pendant, I expect it to be as big as in the drama. The chain is shorter as well. To sum it up, it’s not that awesome as the one in the video above but for Php 250.00 it’s not bad either.

My Actual K-pendant Necklace
That’s my very first online transaction. But I assure you, this shop really ships your order plus the owner has a great personality. I will just give you a tip in buying. Don’t deceive yourself with all the pictures you saw in their site. Unless it’s stated, it may not be the actual appearance of the item. Remember you’re just buying an imitation, especially if it’s just a replica and sell in a low price.
There’s also a postcard together with the necklace. I saw a buyer posted her actual K-pendant necklace with a postcard of Jason. I thought she just loves Jason that’s why she chose his postcard. Unfortunately, I’m wrong. I emailed my request to them (maybe they haven’t read it) that for the postcards I want those of Song Sam Dong and Hye Mi. But I received just a single postcard and worse, it’s not even of Sam Dong.

A screenshot of K-pendant in the drama
Though all in all, aside from the said flaws I still love this smaller version of K-pendant necklace. Imagine, I’m the type of girl who really doesn’t wear necklace in school. Well, I only have watches (I love them, so I have many) and few pair of earrings ’cause I don’t like wearing jewelries at all aside from these two but I wear that necklace twice already.
The first time I wear it was during my exam in calculus. I don’t have the result yet, but I think this necklace is not as lucky as the one in the drama. Nonetheless, when I wear it, I feel like I do have something in common with Song Sam Dong being K himself. It feels like there’s a connection between me and Dream High.

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