Yes, the most awaited season 2 of Dream High has started last week, January 30, 2012. I was able to see its first episode three days ago.
Well, actually, I’m not planning to watch it that sooner. The original plan was to wait for the series finish for me to download the episodes all at once.
Last night (or should I say dawn), before going to bed after finishing my homework at around 3 o’clock in the morning, I logged in my tumblr account. Someone who I follow is now screencapping Dream High 2. I saw this picture and this made me see Dream High 2 Episode 1 without planning it at all.
Yeah, I know that Kim Soo Hyun, is having a cameo in Episode 1. But I was a bit shocked to see him in the first scene that’s almost the same with Dream High 1’s last scene. I don’t know how to react. I saw a girl, another artist portraying Hye Mi. It’s impossible! How can they do this with the original cast?
I thought I was going to freak out while watching that scene. Fortunately, the time reminds me that I’ll woke up all the people in the house if I’m going to scream out loud. After few seconds, I was like “Oh, so that’s how it is.” (find out yourself, if you want to know. I don’t wanna spoil everything, dudes). I thought they’re going to continue Sam Dong and Hye Mi’s love story. Oh, no, no. What I mean is I thought they’re going to close matters between Sam Dong and Hye Mi first, before starting a whole new story, you know something like flower couple’s happily ever after moment.

Dream 1 High Last Scene
I thought Suzy is so busy with her group, MissA that’s why Ji Yeon takes her place. And that’s definitely not a good idea. Luckily, it’s not the case. ^_^
I’m giving this season a chance to hook me on, though I think the first will always be better. After watching the first episode of Dream High 2, I must say that it’s really funny though I find nothing I can get addicted to. But it’s no big deal. Even Dream High 1 seemed to be boring during the first two episodes. The only thing the season 2 must have that the first season possessed is its ability to make the viewers love the characters as the story develops. But one thing is certain I still love the Dream High 1 more. Yeah, I admit I’m biased. I can’t replace SamMi with any other couple. 😀
And look at this funny comment of Suzy posted in her twitter account:
“Wish Dream High 2 becomes a hit! It’s so funny! But Sam Dong… Sam Dong… abandons Hye Mi. Boo.” (translation from
Lol. Suzy, I have a feeling that you really love Sam Dong (or should I say Soo Hyun?). This couple is really cute, onscreen, offscreen everywhere. Hope both of you will have a cameo together in Dream High 2. Fans will surely love that and so am I. 🙂
But Suzy doesn’t hate Dream High 2. In fact, she sang one if its OST – “You’re my Star”. I didn’t recognize her voice, though. ^_^

To end this post, I must say that I’m really disappointed to see Soo Hyun and IU not playing their roles – Sam Dong and Pil Suk respectively in Dream High 2. I remember my classmates and I were wondering when will be the setting of Dream High 2. If it’s 2018, then Soo Hyun’s cameo will be himself as K, something like he comes back to Korea, and gave the K-pendant to another Kirin student. If it’s 2012, then maybe Sam Dong is not yet that famous. His cameo will be something like he visited Korea to see Hyemi, blablabla.. But come on! Why did they have to make Soo Hyun  take a role of a random actor who played a character named Sam Dong (Sam Dong here is not the same as Dream High 1’s Song Sam Dong. Hope you get it. If not, better watch the first episode).

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