This Monday, April 16, 2012, the most awaited drama series, Dream High will finally air in the Philippines. I’m not sure if I’m going to watch it again. Maybe I’ll just watch it on an internet site offering streaming of local TV channels ’cause the timeslot sucks (well, that’s the case for me).
Recently, I’ve got a lot of views because of this series. And guess who’s the most famous among the six main characters? Well, it’s Gelou. Yeah, key searches like “Dream High’s Gelou” and “Gelou in Dream High ABS” are quite popular these days.
I’m quite surprised about this fact. My favorite characters are the lead, of course. I expect people will be more curious about them. And I want them to be all Kelly-Marco love team supporters! But, IU, the one who played the character Gelou or Pil Suk in the original Korean language version (just in case you don’t know her) has a beautiful voice that I really adore. Plus her face is really kawaii.
Gelou Kim

So readers, Gelou Kim (I assumed her last name’s still Kim) is a chubby girl who got accepted in Kirin Arts School (don’t know if they’ll still use “Kirin” as the name of the school). She plays guitar and sings very well. Her family (as I remember) runs a small restaurant. She’s a good friend of Kelly and she has a crush on Jason.

Jason-Gelou love team has a lot of supporters. Fans call them the “Milky Couple” just like how we call Marco and Kelly (I’m still not used to it, I still prefer to write Hye Mi and Sam Dong) the “Flower Couple”.  Anyway, I don’t wanna spoil everything, so just watch the series.
Here’s the recently released full trailer of the drama. ^_^

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