Well, currently the Bideok (Bidam + Deokman) Virus is spreading, making many people to be addicted to this love team.
Bidam and Deokman

I admit I’m one of those who love to see them together, lol. Hmmm… just wondering what are those things in them that the fans love and adore.

Well as they said, the reason for loving is loving without reason. So maybe no one can ever pinpoint that, including me, myself. I just love things like asianovelas and animes for whatever reason. Maybe many of you have this same thought.
This love team started in the Korean series Queen Seon Deok. They roles were played by Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil. They also won the Best Couple Award at MBC Drama Awards 2009.

Best Couple Award – MBC Drama Awards 2009

Bi Dam played by Kim Nam Gil
Bidam is a remarkable character that you will find hard to forget. I can’t really describe him easily. He has a unique personality that you may love but I can’t blame you if you will also find him hateful. He tends to hide his true feelings and emotions but then he falls in love with Deokman.

Deokman played by Lee Yo Won
On the other hand, Deokman is an intelligent and courageous princess who became the first Queen of Silla. She chose to love Silla with all her heart and soul that she even intentionally forgot her first love interest to be an effective ruler. But because of Bidam’s undying love, Deokman was finally able to open her heart again and she decided as far as to give up the throne to live an ordinary life with Bidam.

But no, it’s not a happy ending story. Something not good happened which became a very big challenge to their relationship and trust to each other. At the end, both of them died without giving justice to their love team. This is the most emotional scene I’ve ever seen, watching your loved one while he was being killed in front of you because of your own order.
Actually, I don’t like happy ending because it marks the end. If there are things that remain unsettled, then another season may begin. But this time, I really felt sorry and always find myself crying whenever I watch the last episode. I’m sure a lot of Bideok fans feel the same way. This even leads us to imagine our own happy ending. If you’re curious, here’s mine.

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